Black Canyon Custom Bows

Models and ordering information


General Price list:

Colored glass bows. Usually maple or Action Boo limb core with black or brown fiberglass. Risers are tropical hard-woods like Bubinga, Zebra Wood or Bocote. Reinforced for Fast-Flite strings. Riser woods are negotiable. Take down bow risers are to be made of Dymondwood, Select Hardwoods laminated with Phenolic and solid Phenolic only. Various woods are available. See links tab for wood selection. Phenolic available in Black and Brown currently.

 Colored Glass Base Prices: options affect these prices.

1 piece colored glass longbows                                                   $625.00

3 piece colored glass take down longbows                                   $675.00

3 piece colored glass take down recurves                                     $750.00

Colored Glass take down longbow limbs                                       $325.00

Colored Glass take down recurve limbs*                                      $375.00*

* Call for special instructions.


Clear glass custom bows. These bows feature exotic woods in limb cores with clear fiberglass. Lamination wood affects price. Riser materials vary depending on customer desires. Most suitable woods are available. I will make the final decision on wood suitability based on design considerations. Reinforced for Fast-Flite strings.  Take down bow risers are to be made of Dymondwood, Select Hardwoods laminated with Phenolic and solid Phenolic only. Various woods are available. See links tab for wood selection. Phenolic available in Black and Brown currently.

 Clear Glass Base Prices: options affect these prices.

1 piece clear glass longbows                                                        $650.00

3 piece clear glass take down longbows                                        $700.00   

3 piece clear glass take down recurves                                         $775.00

Clear Glass take down longbow limbs                                           $350.00

Clear Glass take down recurve limbs*                                           $400.00*

* Call for special instructions.


1 piece Longbows are available in lengths from 54" to 64" and weights 30# to 65#.

Take Down Longbows are available in length from 60" to 64" and weights 30# to 65#.

Take Down Recurves are available in lengths from 58" to 62" and weights 30# to 65#.

Standard draw length 28". Heavier draw weights available by special order.


To view photos of available bow woods visit the link for The Rosewood Shop on the links tab of this website.


Below costs are in addition to base prices. Other limb core woods available by request.

Options:                                                                            Additional cost:

Actionwood Laminations (colors available)                              Standard

Cross Cut Actionwood Laminations                                          $45.00

Bocote Laminations                                                                $45.00

Osage Laminations                                                                 $35.00

Red Elm Laminations                                                              $35.00

White Ash Laminations                                                            $35.00

Birdseye Maple Laminations                                                    $45.00            

Bamboo Laminations (can be dyed)                                         $50.00       

Zebra Wood Laminations                                                        $35.00

Other woods may be available by special request. See links tab or call for details.


Pinstripe Laminations (per pair)                                              $75.00

Flare Laminations  (per pair)                                                  $125.00

Laser engraved Laminations   (per pair)*                                $100.00*

Carbon Backing                                                                     $100.00

* Call for special instructions.


 Riser Options:

Wood (per accent strip)                                                          $20.00

Fiberglass (per accent strip)                                                   $25.00

Phenolic Accents (per accent strip)                                         $35.00

Flare Riser Accents                                                                $75.00

Solid Phenolic Riser                                                               $100.00

Laser Engraving*                                                             Call for details.

Scrimshaw Artwork                                                          Call for details.


Take Down Options:

Bow Bolt 2 piece take down option.                                      $175.00**

** Bow Bolt option cost is in addition to base price and material cost of the 1 piece longbow desired.


Note: Most exotic wood laminations are over a core of Hard Maple, or Action Boo.

Special order woods upon request. Wood selection must meet my approval for function and may affect price.

Federal excise taxes of 11% are included in the price quoted. All applicable sales taxes are applied at final sale.

Special items such as carbon backing, inlay/pinstripe laminations, special riser inserts or inlays are extra charge and may affect lead time.  Call for details.

Bows are all of the same quality and workmanship whether they are hunting or custom grades.  Performance is similar between colored and clear glass grades and between 1 piece and take down  designs.

All bows are delivered ready to shoot with 1 Fast-flite string set up with puff silencers and nock point set to general settings. Tuning for your individual shooting style may be needed. Additional strings are available for a cost of $15.00 each. Recurve bows are delivered with a custom bow stringer. Warranty requires use of the bow stringer on all recurve bows.

Bows are warranted 100% for workmanship and materials for the period of 1 year with a pro rated warranty for another 4 years. If after the first year of ownership the bow needs to be replaced the cost to the customer will be 1/48th of the same model current price per month from end of the first year after delivery. For example: on a $600.00 bow that is 3 years old, replacement cost would be 24months X(600/48) = $300.00. Abuse or mis-use is not covered by warranty. Warranty applies to original owner.


Ordering process:

Details of wood selection and bow design may be discussed via Email or phone.

Selection of materials may affect price.

Material deposit of 30% of retail price required to start process.

If payment is made by check or money order make these payable to:    Mike Hays


If there are any questions please call me at (719) 547 4359 or Email



            Mailing address:

            Mike Hays

            44 S. Calle Del Sud Dr.

            Pueblo Colorado 81007