Black Canyon bows are unique and truly custom made. I feel that in order to have a truly custom bow the finish work must be done by hand. Many makers today are using computer driven machinery to do all of the shaping of the bow. This does result in consistency between bows but it also can limit the options for shape and reduces the individuality of the finished product. All finish work is done by hand, power tools are used only in the rough shaping of the bow. The result of all this effort is a true custom made bow that will satisfy the most demanding archer. These bows are made for hunters by a hunter.



The Black Canyon Bow performs as well as it looks. Over twenty years of research and development have gone into the designs used to produce these bows. My background as a Manufacturing Engineer has helped the designs evolve to the level they are today. These methods will continue to be applied in the future as well. I continue to develop the designs based on new materials and techniques. I do believe, however, that a traditional bow should look like a bow. I have a vision of how traditional bows should perform and look and I am not interested in re-developing the compound bow or making something not recognizable as a bow just for a few feet per second´╗┐. 



My goal is to make a beautiful, practical, high performance bow that is accurate and rugged under real field conditions.  I feel this unique combination of engineering excellence and hand craftsmanship results in the finest traditional hunting bow available.


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