There are various options for grips. Longbow models come standard with a locator style grip that places the hand comfortably and consistently for optimum shooting. Recurve models generally come with a mid-wrist style grip with a low wrist or high wrist grip as a no cost option. Custom grips can be made to order based on hand placement preference or individual requirements. You can have your grip custom shaped to your personal taste by loaning us a grip, handle or bow that you wish to have duplicated. I will do my best to replicate a grip as long as the grip style does not compromise the reliability of the bow. The additional charge is $50.00 for a recurve grip and $25.00 for a longbow grip. Longbows come standard with a hand stitched leather handle wrap. Recurve models generally come with a bare grip but leather can be ordered as an option for an additional cost of $35.00. Rubber slip-on grips are also available for a cost of $15.00. Please contact me for details.

The sight window and arrow shelf are cut for clean arrow flight and are set close to the hand which gives the bow a natural pointing ability for true instinctive shooting. The name of the owner is hand written on the bow as a standard item. Additional names or personal or sayings are also available at no additional cost. All bows come with a hand made Flemish twist Fast Flite bowstring with nock point and puff silencers installed. Additional strings can be purchased for $15.00 per string. All recurve models are supplied with a custom made bow stringer. I strongly recommend the use of a bow stringer on all recurve models. Mis-use or improper stringing of the bows may affect the warranty.

Accessory inserts for side-mount quivers or sight inserts (or Kiwkee Kwiver style quivers) can be installed on many of the take down risers. Please call for details and pricing.

Additional limbs for take down bows. Take down limbs should be interchangeable from riser to riser and are precision made to be alike in shape and dimension. Limbs are interchangeable not only between same hand risers but also symmetrical from left hand to right hand risers with good profile fit. When ordering limbs for newer risers, there is no requirement for me to have the handle for matching. There are some older models which have limb butts that were shaped individually and are not precision shaped. When ordering limbs for an older handle, I will need to have the riser for final shaping to match the profile of the limbs. If you have a Black Canyon riser and would like another set of limbs please contact me. With basic information I will be able to tell you if the riser is required for new limbs. Generally I do prefer to have the risers of recurve bows when making new recurve limbs to assure the limbs track true. Recurve risers will only be required in the very last phase of limb manufacture so you won’t be apart for long.


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